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The Sudirman Guerilla Trail


The Corona Virus Pandemic that hit various regions in Indonesia has temporarily closed several museums in Yogyakarta including the Yogyakarta Fort Vredeburg Museum. However, that does not mean that people cannot access the Yogyakarta Fort Vredeburg Museum. Therefore, the Yogyakarta Fort Vredeburg Museum will present services digitally to the public. The goal is to stay at home, especially students can make the museum as a means of online learning. One of the digital service efforts is an exhibition with online media. With this media it is hoped that the Yogyakarta Fort Vredeburg Museum can be accessed easily without being limited by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

"You are not a hired soldier but a well-trained soldier capable of fighting to the death of your native land"

The expression shows the soul and spirit of Sudirman to look after Mother Earth. When the Dutch interfered with Indonesian independence, with its action launched on December 19, 1948, Sudirman said that "I decided to continue the guerrilla with all my might". That is Sudirman. Pain is not an obstacle to maintaining the independence of his homeland. So Yogyakarta was left out of town to lead the guerrillas. Together with his troops, Sudirman walked along a steep road, entering and leaving the forest in makeshift provisions.

During the guerilla movement, the role of the village community was very significant. Because of the role of the community, Sudirman and his troops had a place to live and headquartered as well as food and drink assistance to make a living for the sake of struggle.

We can trace the footsteps of the guerrilla Sudirman back through collection objects stored in the museum.


Dutch Military Aggression II

On the morning of December 19, 1948 the Dutch attacked the Yogyakarta Maguwo Air Field. The sudden attack caused the Indonesian capital to be occupied by the Netherlands. Seeing this condition the Commander in Chief General Sudirman conveyed Express Order No.1 / PB / D / 48 to all Armed Forces to carry out the tactic order No. 1 / Stop / 5/48 via RRI.


Guerrillas - The Long Path of Struggle

The Dutch attack on December 19, 1948 had been predicted to occur. To anticipate the TNI has prepared a tactic order Number 1 / Stop / 48/5/48 signed by the Commander in Chief (Pangsar) General Sudirman. The tactic was that the TNI would fight in guerrilla with the concept of terugval bases in the mountains and wilderness as a center of defense. Starting on December 18, 1948, General Sudirman Pangsar led the Guerrilla to a long journey with his troops.

Investigate guerrilla warfare


Towards Victory

In carrying out guerrilla warfare, dozens of villages have been bypassed, Yogyakarta-Bantul-Gunungkidul-Wonogiri-Pacitan-Ponorogo-Trenggalek-Tulungagung-Kediri-Nganjuk-Prambanan. Sudirman coordinates with troops based in other areas to set the strategy. Residents' homes are used as the headquarters of guerrilla forces. The TNI and the people unite hand in hand to defend the proclaimed independence.


The Return of the Capital of RI

The proclamation of Indonesian independence was announced on August 17, 1945. However, the Dutch came again with the intention of coming to power on the archipelago. After a long struggle, the Indonesian people can breathe freely. Finally, on June 29, 1949, the Dutch withdrew all of their military strength from Yogyakarta, and gradually Yogyakarta could be controlled by the Republic of Indonesia. From then on the Indonesian people could feel the real independence.

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